Listening to Our Customers

Listening to our customers

From customer feedback we’ve heard that the large majority of our readers are delighted with the magazine and we’ve received lots of positive feedback, with quotes including:

  • Fantastic read, packed with knowledge
  • Good quality images, some basic information that really helps newbies. Very enjoyable and the quality of printing is excellent. 5*****
  • A lot of really good content and reference which I will refer back to regularly
  • “Found it very informative and loved the jargon busters at the bottom of the page
  • Really good! Not only does it have information you want, it looks cool too!

However, we’ve also seen the odd negative comment online, largely relating to the magazine having fewer pages than the Koi magazines that stopped production back in the early 2000’s.

Why 44 Pages?

In our approach we will always prioritise quality over quantity.

As a result we’ve actively taken the approach to not include pages and pages of advertising or the classified sections that you may have read in other hobbyist magazines that are no longer produced. With so many other places to buy, sell and advertise nowadays, including Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and eBay to name just a few, we’ve naturally taken the decision for Koi Talk to contain only quality content, printed on quality paper and be a 44 page magazine, not one with 144 pages! For the same reason we only carry adverts from manufacturers and do not advertise individual retailers.

We Welcome Your Feedback

We’re always open to your feedback – after all, the magazine is written for you, the hobbyist!

If there’s something you’d like us to consider for a future issue or a question you’d like to ask about a particular article that you’ve read then get in touch by email at

1 thought on “Listening to Our Customers

  1. The magazine you are producing is fantastic very informative for someone new to the hobby.


    P.S have you thought about producing indexed binders to keep the magazines in top condition.

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