The Koi Talk YouTube Channel Has Launched!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve launched our very own Koi Talk YouTube channel!

Our first ever video on YouTube is an EXCLUSIVE – watch our first video in glorious 4K quality below!

Over the weekend of 26 and 27 September, the Koi Talk team had the pleasure of visiting the 2021 All England Koi Show to film our first ever YouTube video. Held at Kent County Showground, this annual event is hosted by the South East Koi Club and is undoubtedly the UK’s biggest Koi show.

In our first video we have an EXCLUSIVE interview to share the judge’s opinions on two of the winners from the show. Chris Wall from Koi Talk magazine meets the Head Judge (Anthony Grey) and Senior Judge (Allan Tait) to look in detail at the quality of the Grand Champion, a Sanke bred by Taniguchi Koi Farm, and Superior Champion, a Kohaku bred by Momotaro Koi Farm, and discuss some of the stand-out features of these stunning Koi.

Look Out For Our Future YouTube Videos!

We’ll be introducing a whole range of videos to our YouTube channel, including behind the scenes magazine footage, top tips for your Koi and pond, visits to readers ponds and much more!

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Congratulations to all of the All England Koi Show Prize Winners

Winners from the show included:

Grand Champion
• Sanke // 89cm // Taniguchi // Nippon Nishikigoi
• Owner: Lee Manning

Superior Champion
• Kohaku // 81cm // Momotaro // Nippon Nishikigoi
• Owner: Lee Manning

Mature Champion
• Kohaku // 72cm // Dainichi // Select Nishikigoi
• Owner: Luke Warren

Adult Champion
• Kohaku // 64cm // Maruyama // Select Nishikigoi
• Owner: Steve Rollins

Young Champion
• Kohaku // 43cm // Isa Koi Farm // Select Nishikigoi
• Owner: Mick Preston

Jumbo Champion
• Sanke // 89cm // Taniguchi // Nippon Nishikigoi
• Owner: Lee Manning

Best Non Go-Sanke
• Asagi // 80cm // Oya // Select Nishikigoi
• Owner: Steve Rollins

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