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We’re Increasing Our Prices

With the prices of printing and materials increasing recently, as well as the costs for gas and electricity rising we’ve taken the step to increase the cost of Koi Talk monthly magazine subscription and back issue magazines to £4.95. We hope you’ll agree this still represents excellent value for money.

The decision to increase prices is not one that we’ve taken lightly and you may remember that Royal Mail also increased their postage costs earlier this year. At that point, although we had already increased the number of pages in the magazine, we took the decision not to increase our subscription costs, however, in the current climate this price increase is essential to allow us to continue to produce Koi Talk magazine and support the hobby.

To myself and Ricky, the co-founders of Koi Talk, it is about much more than just a magazine. We are both heavily involved in the Koi industry and Koi Talk has been born from a passion for Koi and a desire to share accurate, trustworthy advice with hobbyists across the length and breadth of the country. As we move rapidly towards 2023 we have lots of exciting plans in place to improve the Koi Talk subscription experience further. Look out for future updates as our plans progress into next year.

Royal Mail Deliveries

Following recent strikes, the Communications Workers Union at Royal Mail and Parcelforce have called upon their members who collect, sort and deliver post to take further strike action on the following dates:

  • Thursday 13 October
  • Thursday 20 October
  • Tuesday 25 October

There is also the potential further strike dates to be announced.

As we use Royal Mail to post all of our magazine orders, both our large subscription mailings and back issues copies, please bear with us if your orders take longer than usual to arrive or are held up in the postal system.

Thanks for your patience, if you have any queries please drop us a message using our website contact form.

For the latest details about the strike action please visit the Royal Mail website.

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It’s been set up to provide a shared space to discuss your Koi, ask the Koi Talk team for advice, to discuss magazine articles, make suggestions for future articles, and to give you a behind the scenes insight to what else we’ve got planned!

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Reflecting Back on 2021

Coming to the end of the year we are in a reflective mood, looking back at the journey we have taken in 2021 since launching the magazine. We have certainly come a long way in just a few editions, and we wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for the continued support of our readers.

Your feedback has been overwhelming at times and it is fantastic to hear that we are genuinely helping hobbyists across the UK, and more importantly, saving the suffering of Koi up and down the country. This is a profound feeling, and we are proud to be a part of it!

We have spoken about winter preparation in previous issues of the magazine, and with much of the north seeing snow in recent weeks, and the rest of the country seeing near-zero temperatures, it is important not to become complacent. There’s always a lot going on over the Christmas period but don’t forget your watery friends in the garden, they still require some attention and oversight of their environment.

Over the Christmas holiday period we may take a little longer than usual to reply to any messages and post out any back issue orders, but rest assured that we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of the Koi Talk team.

Koi Knowledge! A Conversation with Ricky Stoddart of Koi Wholesale

In our latest video Chris Wall and Ricky Stoddart, founders of Koi Talk magazine, sit down for an in-depth, unscripted conversation to discuss all things Koi and to set straight a few myths from the industry.

As well as founding Koi Talk magazine, Ricky is also the Managing Director of Koi Wholesale, the UK’s leading wholesaler of quality Japanese Koi which celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year. With his unique position, Ricky shares his honest thoughts on a number of topics including the price of Koi, the difference between male and female Koi, and his opinions on Koi food to name just a few of the topics discussed.

This feature-length video is over an hour and a half long. Pull up a comfy chair, sit back and relax, and listen in to Chris and Ricky’s conversation to experience a level of Koi knowledge that you’re not going to hear anywhere else.

Christmas Present Offer! Issues 1 – 6 of Koi Talk Magazine

Do you know someone that is an avid Koi hobbyist?

Then why not treat them to a Christmas present they’ll love with our multipack of issues 1-6 of Koi Talk magazine, the UK’s only monthly, printed magazine, dedicated to Koi.

Priced at just £24.95 including postage it’s a fantastic gift! What’s more, we’ll even include a special one-off discount code to get their first subscription copy of the magazine completely FREE of charge!

Order before Wednesday 15 December to ensure delivery in-time for Christmas 2021.

Want to know more about what’s in each magazine?

Issue 1

  • A beginner’s guide to water testing
  • Beni Kikokuryu appreciation
  • An intimate look at one of Niigata’s largest and best breeders
  • One to one interview with the owner of a stunning Koi pond
  • Mechanical filtration: The drum filter

Issue 2

  • The beginner’s guide to buying Koi
  • Goshiki appreciation
  • Biological filtration – The moving bed
  • One to one interview with a Koi obsessed father and son combo
  • All you need to know about blanket weed

Issue 3

  • The beginner’s guide to Koi appreciation
  • Kikusui appreciation
  • Azukari – Is it worth it?
  • Pond visit with Andy Corrie
  • Pump efficiency

Issue 4

  • Parasites: How to identify and what to do
  • Showa appreciation
  • Maximising growth
  • An interview with Kodama Koi Farm
  • Stress in Koi

Issue 5

  • Pond design tips from the professionals
  • Kujaku appreciation
  • The Japanese selection process
  • Koi breeding in the UK
  • Understanding the swim bladder

Issue 6

  • Handling your Koi like a pro
  • Shusui appreciation
  • Male Koi – pay attention!
  • Do it once, do it right! Koi pond visit in Hertfordshire
  • The science behind UVC units