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Issue No.11 of Koi Talk Magazine

In issue #11 read about:

Water Changes: How much And How Often?
The concept of water changes has always been part of aquaculture, whether it be keeping a small aquarium or a large Koi pond. The issue that many hobbyists face is not knowing how much water to change, or possibly, and more importantly, how often. In this issue John Williams from Keruto Koi shares his professional advice to help hobbyists to understand this vital topic.

Koi Appreciation
For many hobbyists, when they think of Nishikigoi, they envisage the Tancho Kohaku variety with the single red spot on its head and pure white body. In this month’s magazine we appreciate the Tancho and look closely at a number of stunning examples from breeders including Dainichi, Sakai Fish Farm and Kanno Koi Farm.

The Dream Showa
In the spotlight this month, magazine Co-Founder, Ricky Stoddart, shares the story of a dream Showa he purchased back in 2011 – a Koi that many hobbyists would aspire to add to their pond.

An Interview With One of the Founders of NND
The Koi Talk team have almost 50 years experience in the Koi trade and have built many lasting relationships with breeders and other professionals alike. During a meeting in the office a few weeks ago we were reminiscing about our times in Japan and a great interview with Fujio Oomo from Nishikigoi Niigata Direct (NND) sprung to mind that had never been aired. Read it in full detail in this month’s Koi Talk.

A Masterclass on Koi Body Shape
To a lot of hobbyists, the concept or importance of body shape is often not as high on the list as other elements, such as pattern or shine. So, why should body shape be held in such high regard when it comes to Nishikigoi? In this article Chris Wall looks in detail at why it is such a pivotal aspect to breeders, both in Japan and around the globe.

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