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Want to know more about what’s in each magazine?

Issue 1

  • A beginner’s guide to water testing
  • Beni Kikokuryu appreciation
  • An intimate look at one of Niigata’s largest and best breeders
  • One-to-one interview with the owner of a stunning Koi pond
  • Mechanical filtration: The drum filter

Issue 2

  • The beginner’s guide to buying Koi
  • Goshiki appreciation
  • Biological filtration – The moving bed
  • One to one interview with a Koi obsessed father and son combo
  • All you need to know about blanket weed

Issue 3

  • The beginner’s guide to Koi appreciation
  • Kikusui appreciation
  • Azukari – Is it worth it?
  • Pond visit with Andy Corrie
  • Pump efficiency

Issue 4

  • Parasites: How to identify and what to do
  • Showa appreciation
  • Maximising growth
  • An interview with Kodama Koi Farm
  • Stress in Koi

Issue 5

  • Pond design tips from the professionals
  • Kujaku appreciation
  • The Japanese selection process
  • Koi breeding in the UK
  • Understanding the swim bladder

Issue 6

  • Handling your Koi like a pro
  • Shusui appreciation
  • Male Koi – pay attention!
  • Do it once, do it right! Koi pond visit in Hertfordshire
  • The science behind UVC units

Issue 7

  • Do you need to keep your pond warm in winter?
  • Ochiba Shigure appreciation
  • Meet the co-founder, a driving force in the Koi industry
  • Fishing for facts. The importance of the Ornamental Aquatics Trade Association (OATA)
  • Live food, an essential for Koi fry?

Issue 8

  • Preparing for winter
  • Shiro Utsuri appreciation
  • Selecting young Showa: the importance of having a vision
  • Visiting a unique Japanese garden in the UK
  • A masterclass in kiwa and sashi

Issue 9

  • Understanding Koi terminology
  • Kohaku appreciation
  • Revolution or evolution? Getting to know Evolution Aqua
  • The largest Koi farm in Europe
  • A masterclass on pectoral fins

Issue 10

  • Running your pond on a budget
  • Weird and wonderful varieties
  • What does £500 get you in 2022?
  • The Niigata seasons: Winter
  • Project Dainichi – Part 2

Issue 11

  • Water changes: how much and how often?
  • Tancho appreciation
  • The dream Showa
  • An interview with one of the founders of Nishikigoi Niigata Direct (NND)
  • A masterclass on Koi bodyshape

Issue 12

  • The impact of Nitrite on our Koi
  • Doitsu Showa appreciation
  • Shining a spotlight on the Dk-line Shiro Utsuri
  • Meet one of the UK’s most passionate Koi keepers – Part 1
  • Reader’s ponds
  • Project Dainichi – Part 2

Issue 13

  • The beginner’s guide to selecting Asagi
  • Sanke appreciation
  • A frank discussion about the current status and research into KHV – Part 1
  • Meet one of the UK’s most passionate Koi keepers – Part 2
  • Reader’s ponds
  • Feeding behaviour in Koi

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