Koi Talk Anniversary Bundle! Issues 12 and 24


We’re proud of our anniversary issues of Koi Talk magazine! Check out issues 12 and 24 in this special anniversary offer.

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Want to know more about what’s in each magazine from the anniversary bundle?

Issue 12

In issue #12 read about:

  • The Impact Of Nitrite On Our Koi
    Many of our readers will know the severity of high Ammonia levels, but we would argue that Nitrite is equal or even greater in terms of severity to our Koi, if left exposed to it. In this article Chris Wall looks at the impact of Nitrite on your Koi and the steps that can be taken to control, and even negate it.
  • Koi Appreciation
    The allure of Doitsu Showa is often their pattern, particularly on the individuals that have extremely sharp definition between pigment . In this month’s magazine we appreciate the Doitsu Showa and look closely at three stunning examples.
  • Shining A Spotlight On The Dk-Line Shiro Utsuri
    Koi Talk recently caught up with the team from Nishikigoi Niigata Direct (NND), a renowned Koi farm based in Niigata, Japan. In their own words, the NND team tells their story of the DK-Line Shiro Utsuri. You can also find out more about its owner, Donald Kerr, in our two-part World of Koi article, starting this month.
  • Meet One Of The UK’s Most Passionate Koi Keepers – Part 1
    A few weeks ago, on behalf of the magazine Ricky Stoddart got the chance to visit the home of Donald Kerr, one of the UK’s most passionate Koi keepers. He jumped at the opportunity to meet this renowned gentleman, to visit his ponds, to chat about how he got into the hobby, about his experiences at Koi Shows in Japan, and ultimately how he got a Koi lineage with one of Japan’s great dealers named after him!
  • Project Dainichi – Part 2
    Magazine Co-Founder Ricky Stoddart shares his biggest project from the last 12 months: Project Dainichi! Follow this two-part mini series to see what can be achieved when you bring together Koi from one of the very best breeders in the world, with the very best Koi food in the world.
  • Reader’s Ponds
    This month we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded the size of that magazine, with the addition of our new Reader’s Ponds feature. Each month we’ll visit one Koi Talk customer to hear more about their pond, their Koi and how they got into the hobby.

Issue 24

In Koi Talk issue 24 read about:

  • An Introduction To Growing Takano Sanke
    For those of you that are not so active on social media, you may or may not have seen the collaborative event that was put on between Koi Talk, Koi Wholesale Ltd, and Exclusively Koi at the end of May. The whole project was to demonstrate what can be achieved with Koi in the right environment and how to look at Sanke the way we look at them.
  • Koi Appreciation
    28 and 29 January saw the biggest and best Koi show on the planet take place, the 53rd All Japan Koi Show, and in this issue of Koi Talk magazine we showcase some more of the Best in Variety prize winners.
  • An Interview With Hisashi Hirasawa From Marudo Koi Farm
    In the second of our Japanese breeder interviews, Rie from the Koi Talk team visits Marudo Koi Farm. She sits down with the owner, Hisashi Hirasawa, who after spending 18 years at Dainichi, took over his father’s farm. He is now a leading breeder in Niigata, Japan.
  • Remembering Mark Gardner: New Forest Koi Breeds Mark Gardner’s Koi As A Tribute
    A couple of years ago the Koi hobby and industry was shaken by the sudden passing of one of its major social media influencers, Mark Gardner. Rick Carpenter is part of the team at New Forest Koi, they breed many varieties of fry and Koi on the farm. In this article Rick talks to Joe from the Koi Talk team about his relationship with Mark and how he is honouring him a couple of years on from his passing.
  • Reader’s Ponds – Ian From Lincolnshire
    On our most recent visit, we went to see the pond of Ian from Lincolnshire. He’s had an interest in fish and specifically Koi for a long time but has only in the last few years built a new pond of his own.
  • Selecting Tosai Kohaku
    It has been said many, many times before that the Koi keeping hobby starts and finishes with Kohaku. In this article, Chris Wall from the Koi Talk team draws upon his years of experience of selecting Kohaku to highlight areas that will serve you well when making your personal selections for your own pond.
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