Koi Talk Magazine Issue #01


The first ever issue of Koi Talk magazine, now available to buy as a Legacy issue!

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Koi Talk Magazine Issue #01 – March 2021

The first-ever issue of Koi Talk magazine!

In this issue read about:

A Beginner’s Guide To Water Testing
Chris Jubb from Elite Koi in Lincolnshire discusses why you should be testing your pond water, how stable parameters minimise stress on your Koi and can reduce Koi parasites, and the well-used saying in the aquatics industry that “We don’t keep fish, we keep water.”

Koi Appreciation
Take an in depth look at three unique Koi.

Read About One Of Niigata’s Largest And Best Breeders
Koi Talk Founding Partner and Co-editor, Ricky Stoddart, takes an intimate look at Nishikigoi Niigata Direct (NND) and discusses a number of topics including their roots and bloodlines, and the team from the start, right through to current line-up.

One-To-One Interview
Founding Partner and Co-editor, Chris Wall, visits the home and stunning pond of Koi hobbyist Thusan to delve into his journey as a Koi keeper and to see his 43 living jewels.

A Masterclass On Mechanical Filtration
Lee Clarke from Sekoia Services has installed over 70 Koi pond drum filters and his experience in this area is unrivalled. In this issue Lee looks at mechanical filtration, specifically drum filtration.


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11 reviews for Koi Talk Magazine Issue #01

  1. Will Harvey

    Fantastic read, packed with knowledge. Ideal for anyone just getting into the hobby or someone who has been in the hobby for a number of years. Looking forward to the next issue.

  2. William oates

    This magazine is great full of helpful information really felt like I have learnt a lot as I am quite new to koi keeping enjoyed the read and good quality magazine too 😊

  3. Anthony Sinclair

    Loved the new magazine.
    It has been far too long without a good koi magazine to read.

    A Lot of really good content and reference which i will refer back too regularly. I have signed upto subscription service and really look forward to the next edition.


  4. Thomas Audsley-Smith

    Good Quality images, some basic information that really helps newbies. Very enjoyable and the quality of printing is excellent. 5 🌟

  5. Justin Arbon

    Fantastic mag,well worth the wait,found it very informative,and loved the jargon busters on the bottom of the pages
    Great job 👍

  6. Geoff Winn

    A brilliant first issue full of useful features and articles.

    I will definitely be subscribing

  7. Adam Sutcliffe

    Spot on!

    Pleased I signed up. Already looking forward to the next edition.

  8. Gary King

    Enjoyed the first edition so much I have now subscribed. Full of interesting content. A must for any koi enthusiast!

  9. Lee

    Really good! Not only does it have information you want. It looks cool too! Can’t remember the last cool looking magazine I could buy about my fish!

  10. John Ward

    Loved 1st issue signed up straight away articles are in a language u can understand


    Cracking first issue can’t fault it at all , looking forward to Mays order arriving

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