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Issue No.2 of Koi Talk Magazine – May 2021

In issue #2 read about:

A Guide To Buying Koi
Buying new Koi, is for many, the most exciting part of setting up your pond. In this issue Kevin Bolton from Exclusively Koi looks at all aspects of what you should consider when selecting new Koi.

Koi Appreciation
Take an in depth look at three unique Koi.

A Spotlight On Biological Filtration
Although not the most glamorous subject, we would argue it is one of the most important components of the Koi keeping hobby. In this deep dive article find out more about the moving bed and the bacteria you should be looking to grow.

One-To-One Interview
Founder and Co-editor Chris Wall meets a father and son Koi keeper combo from Hertfordshire to hear about their dedication and aspirations in the hobby. Read on to hear about how they first got involved in the Koi keeping and where it has led them to.

All You Need To Know About Blanketweed
Jasper Kuijper is the Technical Director at Evolution Aqua and his research and impact on the Koi industry cannot be under-estimated. In this article Koi Talk catches up with Jasper to delve deeper into the frustrations of blanketweed: what to look out for, and how to control it.

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