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Issue No.17 of Koi Talk Magazine

In issue #17 read about:

The Fundamentals Of Pond Build And Design
Tim Waddington from Quality Nishikigoi has been in the Koi industry for over 30 years. In issue 17 of Koi Talk, we’re pleased to welcome back Tim as guest author, sharing his tips and advice on building and designing your own pond.

Kin Matsuba Appreciation
This variety has been somewhat of an enigma for many years, with breeders such as Maruhiro and Oyaji producing just a handful of high-quality examples each year… or at least this was the case until Dainichi Koi Farm decided to get involved with this variety. In this issue of Koi Talk we take a closer look at a selection of unique Kin Matsuba.

Sanke Pattern Criteria And What To Look For
One could argue that of all varieties of Nishikigoi, the Sanke is the most technical and least forgiving. With a multitude of pattern attributes, Paul Green from Chosen Koi delves into the stand-out features that we look for with Sanke pattern.

Koi Farming – The Small Fry Of The Aquaculture Industry
Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing sectors in food production globally. In this article, Sam Norley from Cuttlebrook Koi Farm explores some of the advances in aquaculture and how this has a trick-down effect to pond technology and equipment used in our garden Koi ponds.

Reader’s Ponds
Ricky Stoddart has been an admirer of Dave’s pond since seeing it on social media a few years ago. In this month’s pond visit, Ricky has the pleasure of visiting Dave and experiencing his unique pond first-hand.

How Are Koi Priced? The Perception Of Value
The pricing of Koi is always a bit of a minefield as there are so many variables. It is hard enough for professionals to make sense of it sometimes, let alone hobbyists, so how do we assess the price and perception of value in Nishikigoi. Find out more in this article.

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