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Issue No.16 of Koi Talk Magazine

In issue #16 read about:

Selecting Tosai Showa
For many hobbyists, one of the most exciting aspects of Koi keeping is buying them. In this article, Kevin Bolton from Exclusively Koi focuses his attention on selecting and buying one of the most popular varieties on the market, Showa.

Gin Rin Goshiki Appreciation
Gin Rin varieties of Koi, in general, really have a habit of polarising hobbyists, with many commenting that they look manufactured in some way, which is ironic given the colours that modern Nishikigoi produce. In this month’s magazine we take a closer look at a selection of unique Gin Rin Goshiki for Hiroi Koi Farm.

The Impact Of Heavy Metals On Our Koi
The impact of heavy metals on our Koi is an area that is vastly under-resourced in the Koi industry, and having been unfortunate enough to have seen many ponds suffering from heavy metal pollution, Koi Talk co-founder, Chris Wall, can assure you it is certainly something that you want to avoid. Read more about this topic in this eye-opening article.

Meeting A Real Koi Man – Part 2
Geff Lambert of Koiman Enterprises was at the heart of the Koi industry when the hobby really took off in the 70s and 80s. Chris Wall from the Koi Talk team caught up with Geff him recently for this exclusive interview to hear first-hand about his Koi keeping philosophy,  and share some of his brilliant anecdotes and Koi-related stories.

Reader’s Ponds
Team Koi Talk recently paid a visit to Craig Lowndes, a keen hobbyist based in Greater Manchester, to see his pond and setup. We had heard Craig’s passion for fish and ponds stemmed from his father, so while we were there we couldn’t resist a quick visit to his dad’s pond too!

The Importance of Koi Blodlines
Whether you’re an experienced hobbyist or just starting out, it is highly likely that you may have heard a dealer or fellow hobbyist mention that a Koi comes from a particular bloodline. These bloodline names get banded around, yet very few people understand the relevance it has or what it could actually mean when you’re looking at a prospective new purchase. In this article, magazine co-founder, Ricky Stoddart delves into the topic of bloodlines.

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