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Issue No.10 of Koi Talk Magazine

In issue #10 read about:

Running Your Pond On A Budget
Running your Koi pond doesn’t need to cost the earth and Koi keeping doesn’t have to be as complicated as many hobbyists may think. In this issue we look at the areas that will help you run your pond efficiently and effectively.

When you start out in the hobby, Koi terminology can be a bit of a nightmare. There are lots of Japanese words that make no sense and often people don’t like to ask what it means as they feel embarrassed. But fear not! In this month’s issue, Chris Jubb from Elite Koi talks us through some of the key Koi-related words – what they mean and how to pronounce them.

Koi Appreciation
This month we’re mixing things up a bit and rather than exploring one specific variety we delve into the weird and wonderful varieties that are part of the Nishikigoi rainbow. Love them or hate them, all four varieties we are going to discuss generate debate, with many hobbyists referring to them as ‘marmite koi’.

What Does £500 Get You In 2022?
If you’re wondering what a £500 budget gets you in 2022, then look no further! Several readers have been in touch asking about Koi around this price point, so in typical Koi Talk fashion we thought we’d better answer the question! Chris Wall visits a selection of dealers across the country to see the quality and variety of Koi that are available to buy.

The Niigata Seasons – Winter
In this four-part series Steve Betts takes a look at what happens during each season in Niigata, and the challenges and highlights this brings to Japanese Koi breeders. The winter season is tough from a weather perspective, with us much as 90cm of snowfall in a single night!

Project Dainichi – Part 1
Magazine Co-Founder Ricky Stoddart shares his biggest project from the last 12 months: Project Dainichi! Follow this two-part mini series to see what can be achieved when you bring together Koi from one of the very best breeders in the world, with the very best Koi food in the world.

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