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Issue No.9 of Koi Talk Magazine – December 2021

In issue #9 read about:

Understanding Koi Terminology
When you start out in the hobby, Koi terminology can be a bit of a nightmare. There are lots of Japanese words that make no sense and often people don’t like to ask what it means as they feel embarrassed. But fear not! In this month’s issue, Chris Jubb from Elite Koi talks us through some of the key Koi-related words – what they mean and how to pronounce them.

Koi Appreciation
In this month’s issue we appreciate the Kohaku variety and pay close attention to a number of previous All Japan Koi Show Grand Champions.

Revolution or Evolution? Getting to Know Evolution Aqua
Evolution Aqua is known as one of the go-to filtration brands for many Koi hobbyists worldwide. In this Q&A article, Steve Betts from Koi Talk interviews Evolution Aqua Technical Director, Jasper Kujiper, and Marketing Manager, Vincent Bernard, to hear how Evolution Aqua has grown over the past 20 years, from its roots as a British business, to one that now trades on a global scale.

The Largest Koi Farm in Europe
Several years ago, Chris Wall from Koi Talk was trawling the internet, looking at Koi videos, when he came across a truly unique Doitsu Showa from Yoshikigoi in Poland that stopped him in his tracks. In this article Chris catches up with Jos Aben, owner of the farm to hear more about it and how it has grown to become Europe’s largest Koi farm.

A Masterclass on Pectoral Fins
Pectoral fins really are a sensitive area when we look at our Koi, and one that can sometimes be overlooked when studying the body attributes of a fish. In this article, Paul Green from Chosen Koi takes a critical look at pectoral fins and discusses how they can shape the future of a Koi.

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