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Issue No.21 of Koi Talk Magazine

In issue #21 read about:

Preparing Your Pond For Spring
A challenge that presents itself to many Koi keepers is the journey from Winter into Spring. In this article, Ricky Stoddart looks at the potential issues and how you can best deal with them if you have an unheated Koi pond.

Koi Appreciation
28 and 29 January saw the biggest and best Koi show on the planet take place, the 53rd All Japan Koi Show, and in this issue of Koi Talk magazine we are showcasing the major prize winners from the event.

Shining A Spotlight On Judging And The Show Scene – Part Two
Koi Talk sat down with Allan Tait, senior UK Koi Judge. Allan has judged all over the world and his experience and honesty with his appraisals are something that we have always had respect for. He has a vast experience on the show scene and has pretty much seen it all, so we thought who better to talk to about showing your Koi.

Niigata Seasons – Spring
In the first part of this mini-series (published in issue 10), we featured the Winter season, looking at how tough life could be living with intense snowfall. Now, we’re moving on to Spring, with our sights firmly set on the up-and-coming breeding season – the most important on any Koi breeder’s calendar.

Reader’s Ponds – Lee Hadfield, the Koi Soldier
YouTuber Lee Hadfield (aka the Koi Soldier) is an avid Koi Talk fan and when we got the chance to talk to him about his pond, his set-up, and how he got into Koi keeping we couldn’t turn the opportunity down!

The Buyer’s Guide To Automatic Feeders
In our new Buyer’s Guide feature, Ricky takes a look at automatic Koi food feeders and shares details on what he believes to be the best options available at various price points.

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