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Issue No.4 of Koi Talk Magazine – July 2021

In issue #4 of Koi Talk Magazine you can read about:

Parasites: How To Identify And What To Do
Kevin Bolton from Exclusively Koi would argue that along with water quality, parasites are equally the biggest downfall of hobbyists across the land. In this issue he looks at how to identify various Koi parasites and what you should do to deal with an infestation.

Koi Appreciation
Take an in-depth look at three unique Koi.

Maximising Growth
There’s no doubt that the raising and growing aspect of Koi is one of the most enjoyable parts of the hobby. Koi Talk Co-Editor, Ricky Stoddart, shares some of his methods and secrets to help you get the maximum growth from your Koi collection.

An Interview With Kodama Koi Farm
Taro Kodama is President of the renowned Kodama Koi Farm in the USA. In this exclusive interview, Koi Talk’s Chris Wall catches up with him to find out more about the roots of the farm and their passion for Koi, the aquatics industry, and the hobby as a whole.

Stress In Koi
Thanks to the Covid pandemic the word stress is commonly heard in these unusual times. But how does stress affect Koi? How do they get it, what impact does it have on them and what difference does it make to how we care for them? Dr. Adrian Love has worked in the aquatics industry for over 30 years and shares his experience on this fascinating topic.

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