Koi Talk Magazine Issue #22


Issue 22 of Koi Talk magazine, the UK’s only monthly, printed magazine, dedicated to Koi keeping, is here!

This month we feature:

  • Pond construction methods
  • Best in Variety winners from the All Japan Koi Show 2023
  • Energy efficient pumps
  • Reader’s ponds
  • The buyer’s guide to Saki Hikari

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Issue No.22 of Koi Talk Magazine

In Koi Talk issue 22 read about:

Pond Construction Methods
If you’ve been thinking about building your first Koi pond or upgrading what you already have then you might be stuck deciding on what is the best option for you. There are various methods depending on the result you desire ad most importantly your budget. In this article, Ricky Stoddart discusses the four main construction methods of a hole in the ground, sleeper ponds, block build, and ready-made, and provides some background detail on each approach.

Koi Appreciation
28 and 29 January saw the biggest and best Koi show on the planet take place, the 53rd All Japan Koi Show, and in this issue of Koi Talk magazine we showcase some of the Best in Variety prize winners.

Energy Efficient Pumps
Water pumps are the heartbeat of any Koi pond as we rely on them to keep our filter systems running and water circulating. For this article we caught up with Jordan Gale, Technical Manager at Oase UK, to help shed some light on energy efficient pumps and the increasingly popular variable pumps.

Reader’s Ponds – Anthony Day (a.k.a Krafty Koi)
Following on the YouTube theme from issue 21, this month we pay a visit to another youTuber, Krafty Koi, to hear about his Koi-keeping journey so far and his exciting plans for the future.

The Buyer’s Guide To Saki Hikari
Koi food is always a topic for discussion and it is part of the industry that is dominated by opinion more than fact. There is one product, however, where Ricky Stodddart doesn’t think that opinion comes into it, a product so good that it is rightly termed the best Koi food in the world.

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