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Issue No.15 of Koi Talk Magazine

In issue #15 read about:

The Beginner’s Guide To Growing Your Koi – Part 2
Following on from part 1 of growing your Koi, part two explores some of the finer details of growing Koi, the relationship between food, temperature, and the importance of selecting the fish that have the potential to achieve a large size.

Hi Utsuri Appreciation
When we speak of Hi Utsuri, there is one breeder that stands head and shoulders above other Koi farms, and that is Shinoda Koi Farm. In issue 15 we take a detailed look at four outstanding individual Hi Utsuri from Shinoda.

A Spotlight On The The History Of UK Koi Shows
In the UK Koi shows have been very important for the Koi keeping hobby, in fact they were the life of the hobby for many years. Team Koi Talk recently teamed up with Tim Waddington from Quality Nishikigoi and in this article he reflects on some fond memories of the Koi shows attended, as well as looking to the future.

Meeting A Real Koi Man
Geff Lambert of Koiman Enterprises was at the heart of the Koi industry when the hobby really took off in the 70s and 80s. Chris Wall from the Koi Talk team caught up with Geff him recently for this exclusive interview to hear first-hand about his Koi keeping philosophy,  and share some of his brilliant anecdotes and Koi-related stories.

Reader’s Ponds
Team Koi Talk recently paid a visit to the home of Jordan Mitchell to see his pond and to hear about his passion for all things aquatics related. Jordan has been a Koi hobbyist from a young age and in his own words he really is Koi crazy and loves everything about fishkeeping.

The Science And Secrets Behind Koi Spawning
Sam Norley is General Manager at Cuttlebrook Koi Farm and in this Masterclass article he shares his detailed knowledge on the science and secrets behind seasonal Koi spawning that generally occurs in early summer.

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