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Issue No.14 of Koi Talk Magazine

In issue #14 read about:

The Beginner’s Guide To Growing Your Koi – Part 1
Feeding and watching your Koi develop, for many, is the most enjoyable part of keeping Koi. Buying a little Koi and then growing it to monstrous proportions gives you a real satisfaction that is hard to compare to anything else in the hobby, and in par one of this two-part  article Chris Wall looks at the best approach to growing your Koi.

Kumonryu Appreciation
Kumonryu are among the most frustrating, yet rewarding varieties of Nishikigoi. They are notoriously difficult to source and even harder to find a good one. In this appreciation article we look at the high-quality Kumonryu and discuss the variety in detail.

A Frank Discussion About The Current Status And Research Into KHV – Part 2
Chris and Ricky from the Koi Talk team recently interviewed Jos Derks from http://www.fishhealthonline.com, a pioneering scientist in the field of aquatic research and his techniques and findings are changing the way we can keep our Koi. Find out more about how his findings are leading the way in part two of this two-part interview

A Historical Interview With A True Koi Legend
Ikarashi Kazuto laid the foundation of Ikarashi Koi Farm in 1962 and is truly a legend in the Koi industry. Kazuto sadly passed away in 2016, however, Ricky Stoddart from the Koi Talk team was fortunate enough to interview him in 2009 and we’re proud to be able to share the interview with you.

Reader’s Ponds
This month we called in to see Justin Arbon at his home in Hertfordshire. He has been a Koi Talk subscriber from the moment it was launched and with his pond approximately three years old he is relatively new to the hobby. Read on as Justin introduces us to some of his watery friends and tells us how he has enjoyed the pond as a place to relax.

The Science And Influence Of Pigment
The pattern of a Koi can, and often does, steal the show for so many hobbyists, but without the formation of splendid colouration many of these beautiful Koi would be overlooked. In our Masterclass article we delve into the science and influence of pigment, and the role it plays in the appearance of our Koi.

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