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Issue No.18 of Koi Talk Magazine

In issue #18 read about:

Rising Energy Costs And How To Combat Them
It is hard not to ignore the rising energy costs and although there is a lot of negative rhetoric around this subject it actually serves as an opportunity to assess how you run your pond, and if you are running a cost-effective and ergonomic system.

Asagi Appreciation
For those of you that gloss over the Asagi variety, we would urge you to think again. They have a natural ability to gain size with relative ease, and, in our opinion, this variety represents phenomenal value.

Airlift Filtration
On a recent trip to Cuttlebrook Koi farm we spoke in depth with Managing Director, Mark Davis, about the ingenious, simple and economic process of airlift filtration. It was a truly humbling chat, and one that we believe thousands of hobbyists around the world can benefit from and save a fortune on their energy bills.

Trip Of A Lifetime, Niigata
For many hobbyists, the idea of heading to the holy lands of Niigata is a bucket list idea that will never come to fruition, but there are also plenty of hobbyists who can’t resist the lure of Japan and want to see first-hand what all the fuss is about. In this article we take a candid look at what to expect if you travel to Japan to select Koi as a hobbyist, and whether it is the right time for you to take the plunge.

Reader’s Ponds
Greg Wood is a member of the Yorkshire Section BKKS,  and an avid Koi keeper. Team Koi Talk paid him a visit recently to appreciate his Koi, his pond, and his setup, which takes up a sizable chunk of his garden.

Explaining Doitsugoi
This is certainly a contentious subject and one that polarises a lot of hobbyists. Ricky Stoddart’s question for many would be, do you know a good Doitsugoi Koi, and do you know the challenges that go into making them? Throughout this article we delve into the past and present of this carp variation and discuss the technical (and not so technical) attributes that they typically display.

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