Koi Talk Magazine Issue #23


Issue 23 of Koi Talk magazine, the UK’s only monthly, printed magazine, dedicated to Koi keeping, is here!

This month we feature:

  • Quarantining Koi, and why good procedures are essential
  • Best in Variety winners from the All Japan Koi Show 2023
  • An interview with Nogami Koi Farm
  • The Great British Koi Show – a spectacular debut!
  • Reader’s ponds
  • The buyer’s guide to Koi medications

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Issue 23 of Koi Talk Magazine

In Koi Talk issue 23 read about:

Quarantining Koi, And Why Good Procedures Are Essential
The health and well-being of Koi should be the number one priority for any Koi hobbyist, dealer, or breeder, and the introduction of new fish is always something that can put this in jeopardy. In this article, Ricky Stoddart sheds some light on the subject to help readers understand why good quarantine procedures are essential.

Koi Appreciation
28 and 29 January saw the biggest and best Koi show on the planet take place, the 53rd All Japan Koi Show, and in this issue of Koi Talk magazine we showcase some more of the Best in Variety prize winners.

An Interview With Nogami Koi Farm
Welcome on board the newest member of the Koi Talk team, Rie Maruyama! Rie is based in Japan and is working exclusively for us to produce dedicated breeder content. In this first article, Rie meets with Hisato Nogami, owner of Nogami Koi Farm, and his son, Chikara. The farm is located in Nagaoka City and is renowned for its Kohaku and Showa.

The Great British Koi Show – A Spectacular Debut!
Joe Mitchell is another new member of the Koi Talk team, and as a hobbyist is also a member of the Yorkshire Section British Koi Keepers Society (BKKS). Joe was involved in the first Great British Koi Show, held at Newark Showground in August 2022. In this article, he shares his reflections on last year’s show and takes a look at what is coming up this year, with the 2023 show promising to be even bigger and better.

Reader’s Ponds – Steven In Bedfordshire
Following a post in the Koi Talk Subscribers Club on Facebook, Steven got in touch and invited us to visit his pond. He built his pond a couple of years ago when he moved to a new house.

The Buyer’s Guide To Koi Medications
Koi and pond medications can be an absolute minefield to negotiate; firstly knowing what treatment is correct for the problem that you’re dealing with, and secondly, knowing which brand to choose. In this Buyer’s Guide we provide some clarity and honest, impartial advice to help you to overcome these hurdles.

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