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Issue No.19 of Koi Talk Magazine

In issue #19 read about:

Trichodina: How To Identify Them And Keep Them At Bay
This month we welcome back Chris Jubb from Elite Koi as a guest author. In this article he takes a deeper look at how to identify, eradicate, and ultimately keep Trichodina at bay.

Doitsu Sanke Appreciation
When we think of this variety a number breeders spring to mind, such as Shinoda, Hiroi, Miyatora, and Yamazaki, just to name a few, so we are blessed with a strong pool of breeders to select from. Despite this, Doitsu varieties, in general, are hard to breed and they can throw up many deformities which makes finding high-quality examples,particularly in big sizes, difficult.

Taniguchi Golden Corn – Are You Missing The Point?
If you haven’t already heard of Golden Corn we’ll be surprised! They were introduced to the commercial market last year and Ricky Stoddart at Koi Wholesale was the first person to bring them to the UK market. In this article, Ricky explains more about this variety and discusses what you might be missing that he sees in them.

The Koi Wholesale Harvest Event
Many of our readers will know that both Ricky and Chris have multiple roles within the industry and that Ricky is also Managing Director of Koi Wholesale Ltd. October was an important month for him and saw the culmination of a year’s work when he hosted the annual Koi Wholesale Autumn Harvest event. With the event in full swing, the Koi Talk team was on hand to capture the day and see some incredible Koi.

Reader’s Ponds – Joe’s Lockdown Project
Joe Mitchell built his pond as a result of being made redundant and being stuck at home during the COVID pandemic. Team Koi Talk met up with him to hear how he turned a negative into a positive and how he has subsequently developed a love for Koi.

The Importance Of Body, Over And Above Everything Else
For as long as we can remember, the debate of body over pattern has been one that many hobbyists and professionals have struggled to grasp. In this Masterclass article, Chris Wall from Team Koi Talk discusses why the body style is such an important aspect when selecting Koi.

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