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Issue No.20 of Koi Talk Magazine

In issue #20 read about:

Do I Need To Heat In Winter?
Do you need to heat in winter? The short answer is NO! This month we welcome back Paul Green from Chosen Koi as a guest author to take a more in-depth look at this topic.

Gin Rin Kohaku Appreciation
You’ve probably noticed that with certain varieties in our appreciation section, some are pretty much dominated by one farm, and this month is no different. This month’s variety is Gin Rin Kohaku and the farm that dominates this variety is one of the biggest on the planet, Momotaro Koi Farm.

Shining A Spotlight On Judging And The Show Scene – Part One
Koi Talk sat down with Allan Tait, senior UK Koi Judge. Allan has judged all over the world and his experience and honesty with his appraisals are something that we have always had respect for. He has a vast experience on the show scene and has pretty much seen it all, so we thought who better to talk to about showing your koi.

Niigata Vs The Weather
Weather in the UK can be a real mixed bag and it throws up quite a few dilemmas for hobbyists, but believe me, if you think we have it bad, you have no idea how difficult it can get Koi breeders in the Niigata in the height of winter.

Reader’s Ponds – Adam’s 190,000 Litre Pond
When Koi Talk subscriber, Adam Webber, got in touch and invited us to pay a visit to his huge pond in Cheshire it was an offer that we couldn’t turn down! In this article he tells us how he inherited a swamp and turned it into the stunning pond that he has today.

Chasing Flow Rates
Talk about a contentious subject! The science and/or login behind flow rates has raged on quite a bit in recent years and must be said is mainly born from Japan. But are people becoming too fixated on chasing flow rates, and given the recent rise in energy costs, is it as essential as some people may have you believe?

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