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Issue No.6 of Koi Talk Magazine – September 2021

In issue #6 read about:

Handling Your Koi Like A Pro
Knowing how to handle your Koi may sound like a fairly trivial subject, but it’s an important one. Paul Green from Chosen Koi in Essex discusses the techniques that will enable you to catch and handle your Koi in a more stress-free manner.

Koi Appreciation
In this issue we take an in-depth look at three unique Shusui Koi.

Male Koi – Pay Attention!
In years gone by there has been an obsession with Koi keepers wanting female fish for their collection, with the females previously having the biggest bodies, better shiroji, and ultimately bigger growth. Move forward to 2021 and it’s time to change the conversation, pay more attention to male Koi and get more bang for your buck! In this issue, Ricky Stoddart delves into opinions on why he feels male Koi fish are now often a better purchase.

Koi Talk Visits An Avid Hobbyist In Hertfordshire
Paul Commerford is well known within the trade and has well and truly caught the Koi bug. Having built and designed many, many Koi ponds it was time to build his own, and boy, he did not hold back!

The Science Behind UVC Units
Every Koi keeper is aware that in the first year of establishing a new pond, the chances of the dreaded green soup occurring are high. The advice from Koi dealers is to employ a UVC unit to help address this issue. Jasper Kuijper is Technical Director at Evolution Aqua. In this issue, he looks at what UV is, how it is created and how to get the best out of your UVC unit.

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