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Issue No.5 of Koi Talk Magazine – August 2021

In issue #5 read about:

Pond Design Tips From The Professionals
The success of any Koi pond lies in the design stage. Get this process wrong and you may find the longevity of your pond is short-lived or riddled with problems.  In this months’ magazine Chris Jubb from Elite Koi shares some of his top tips when planning and building your pond in order to get the most out of it.

Koi Appreciation
In this issue we take an in-depth look at three unique Kujaku Koi.

The Japanese Selection Process
One of the most important tasks carried out by Japanese breeders in the production of high-class Koi is the selection process. Ricky Stoddart focuses on why the selection process is so important, how it affects the value of the fish you purchase and how you can apply this process to your pond to give your best Koi the chance to reach their potential.

Koi Breeding In the UK – An Interview With Byer Koi Farm
Byer Koi is a UK-based Koi farm located in Hertfordshire. We catch up with owner Adam Byer to find out a little more about his business and his journey from hobbyist to breeder.

Understanding The Swim Bladder
The swim bladder (or gas bladder) is an organ common to most fish, including Koi. As the name suggests it is basically a gas filled bag – but what it does and how it works is pretty remarkable. In this issue Dr. Adrian Love discussed the mechanisms involved, how the swim bladder can go wrong, and what you can do about it.

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