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Issue No.7 of Koi Talk Magazine – October 2021

In issue #7 read about:

Do You Need To Keep Your Pond Warm In The Winter?
Pond heating is one of the most misunderstood and money-wasting topics in the Koi keeping hobby. This article sets out to dispel some rumours and untruths you may have hear about heating your pond.

Koi Appreciation
In this issue we take an detailed look at three unique Ochiba Shigure Koi.

Meet The Co-Founder, A Driving Force In The Koi Industry
Koi Talk Marketing Manager, Steve Betts, delves a little deeper into the background to Koi Talk and why it was launched. In our ‘In The Spotlight’ interview we hear more about the background of magazine co-founder Ricky Stoddart: why he is so passionate about Koi, his success within the industry, and his exciting plans for the future of the magazine.

Fishing For Facts – The Importance Of The Ornamental Aquatics Trade Association (OATA)
OATA estimate that 14% of the UK’s population own pet fish and that there could be more than 100 million fish sharing our homes and garden ponds, making them the UK’s most populous pet species! Team Koi Talk catch up with Pauline Davey, PR and Parliamentary Officer for OATA, to understand the importance of their work and find out why their role is so vital to the aquatics industry.

Live Food: An Essential For Koi Fry?
The purpose of feeding live food to Koi fry is to match as closely as possible the food the larvae will be eating in their natural environment. In or Masterclass article, Sam Norley, General Manager at Cuttlebrook Koi Farm, tells our readers a little more about this fascinating subject.

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