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Issue No.8 of Koi Talk Magazine – November 2021

In issue #8 read about:

Preparing for Winter
Jon Williams from Keruto Koi has been keeping Koi for over 30 years. In this article Jon shares his top tips to prepare your pond for the transition from autumn to winter, and provides advice on how best to care for your Koi over this period with colder temperatures and freezing conditions.

Koi Appreciation
In this month’s issue we appreciate the Shiro Utsuri variety, often referred to as the fourth Go Sanke.

Selecting Young Showa: The Importance of Having a Vision
In The Spotlight article this month, Koi Talk co-founder, Chris Wall, discusses his recommended approach for selecting young Showa and explains why the same process cannot be applied as when selecting other varieties such as Kohaku and Sanke.

Visiting a Unique Japanese Garden in the UK
Several years ago, Chris had a call from a gardener saying they were maintaining a property and needed his expertise to look at some water features in the garden. Upon arrival he was greeted with one the most incredible scenes: a fully landscaped, Japanese water garden that encompassed the whole property. In this article, years later, and with new owners, he revisits that garden and shares the story of the wonderful surroundings.

A Masterclass in Kiwa and Sashi
For many hobbyists, the prediction of how perceived sashi will develop is somewhat of a trial and error, and in truth is never fully understood, but more of an educated guess. To an extent there is an element of truth as all of our predictions have a degree of chance, however, nothing in the Koi game is 100% guaranteed. In this article Ryan from Exclusively Koi provides a masterclass overview of this fascinating topic.

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