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Issue No.3 of Koi Talk Magazine – June 2021

In issue #3 read about:

A Guide To Koi Appreciation
The topic of Koi appreciation and quality is vast and often very subjective. In this issue Koi Talk Founder, Chris Wall, scratches the surface to help hobbyists gain a fundamental grasp of the basics and understand why it is so important and should not be limited to shows such as the BKKS National Koi Show.

Unique Koi
Take an in depth look at three unique Koi.

The Process Of Azukari
Know about Azukari? Is it worth it? In this issue Co-editor, Ricky Stoddart, tells us about his 18+ years of experience of Azukari and shares his honest thoughts on the process of leaving your Koi in the care of a breeder to allow it to develop.

Visiting One Of The Most Imaginative And Outrageous Pond Spaces
We visit Koi enthusiast Andy Corrie and his simply outstanding pond. He talks us through the beautiful building he built just for his Koi, including his vision, the planning battles, challenges he overcame and his personal highlights.

The Efficiency Of Your Pump
Paul Martin has been in and around ponds all of his life, starting as a small boy helping with his uncle’s Koi carp pond. He now works in the Technical team at Oase UK and in this issue discusses how different pump motors work and how you can choose one that is efficient.

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